Campaign for Access and Opportunity!

An Urban Initiative for Neighborhood Sustainability

Within the Third Council District in the City of Wilmington high-poverty neighborhoods, high-unemployment rates, rampant crime, health disparities, and low-performing schools contribute to increasing the negative outcomes associated with living in poverty. Due to the turmoil in the Third District, high-poverty neighborhoods are unable to leverage valuable assets that provide a basis for economic growth and improvement for the residents’ quality of life.

Much of the district is located near the city’s central business district, transit lines, waterfronts and existing community based institutions that have formed strong bonds and durable social capital. Recognizing that interconnected solutions are needed in order to resolve the cyclical problems existing in high-poverty neighborhoods this initiative will be outcome driven.

The goal of The Campaign for Access and Opportunity is to develop connectivity throughout the neighborhoods within the Third Council District by promoting equitable and affordable housing, enhancing economic competitiveness, improving healthcare access, and coordinating policies and leveraging investment. This Initiative is to provide urban revitalization and sustainability to distressed neighborhoods by creating neighborhoods of opportunity by focusing on five key access points for action.