“Creating Our Progress and Our Priorities, TOGETHER!”

What can Brown do for you?

Darius Delivers for Delaware
As a former Wilmington City Council member and Delaware Democratic Party Board member, Darius has a record of working with fellow legislators and community leaders to represent working families and achieve opportunities for jobs, and access to healthcare.

While a councilman, Darius sponsored legislation to raise the minimum wage, established paid parental leave, and created the health care task force to manage the increased costs of employee benefits.

“Mr. Brown said, my background and experience in community and economic development will help provide a successful transition for the next twenty years of progress and prosperity for the citizens of the second senatorial district.”

To Ensure Our Progress
We Must Focus On


Strong Economy: 
Our public schools are the driver for job creation and a livable wage creating the workforce investing in homeownership, infrastructure, technology and small businesses. We must improve our public education system to ensure our children have a successful future. 


Safe Streets: 
Our communities should be a safe place for our neighbors and family. We must provide reentry services, community court adjudication, inter-agency policing and job creation in our communities plagued by senseless violence. 


Open Government:
Our government must become more transparent using accurate data to ensure accountability, efficiency and good stewardship. Citizens deserve to know that government is working for them not just for special interests.


Healthy Environment:
Our communities need access to affordable health care to promote lifetime of wellness and state of the art treatment facilities. We must protect our environment from the pollution in our air and water that has contributed to illness and disease.