Education Compact: A commitment to urban academic achievement



The first marking period is coming to an end for many Wilmington schools. I represent several traditional public schools, charter schools, and private schools in the City and through my Learning Neighborhoods initiative we are making great strides for equitable urban education.

Learning Neighborhoods is a commitment to urban academic achievement to champion educational causes. As a learning neighborhood, early childhood education is foremost important to preparing our children to be successful in school. Learning Neighborhoods provides discounted internet service to households of children on free and reduced lunch. Additional causes in education are after school programs, High School/G.E.D. completion, and College & Career readiness.

Highlights thus far this school year 

  1. The White House Initiative on Education Excellence for African Americans joined me for a visit to a neighborhood school.
  2. Internet Essentials attended back to school events enrolling student households to reduce the digital divide.
  3. Community Centers received funding for extended hours as Safe Havens for neighborhood kids.
  4. Several local childcare providers received the State’s highest level of achievement Star Level 5.